Idaepal Black buckwheat

Black buckwheat is organically grown grain. From long time ago, buckwheat was known as good for high blood pressure and diabetes,etc. Locally grown black buckwheat has low calories and is said to be diuretic. Also, it has 70 times more rutin(vitamin P) content than general buckwheat. Migayeon hopes you enjoy health and longevity by eating Idaepal 100% buckwheat more than twice.

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Research Institute of Buckwheat Food Culture

We will continue to research for good taste and good quality of buckwheat food.

At Migayeon Research Institute of Buckwheat Food Culture, we are researching and developing for diversification of buckwheat food. We, Migayeon the buckwheat food restaurant, will try our best to serve you like family.



Myeongpoom Memil Guksu

(100% Buckwheat noodle with vegetables) ₩15,000

Memilssak Yukhoe

(Sliced raw beef with buckwheat sprouts) ₩25,000

Memilssak Yukhoe Bibim Guksu

(Buckwheat noodle mixed with sliced raw beef and buckwheat sprouts) ₩10,000

Memilssak Yukhoe Bibimbap

(Rice mixed with sliced raw beef and buckwheat sprouts) ₩10,000

Memilssak Muk Muchim

(Seasoned buckwheat jelly with buckwheat sprouts) ₩12,000

Memil Makguksu (Broth)

(Buckwheat noodle mixed with vegetables) ₩7,000

Memil Makguksu (Mixed)

(Buckwheat noodle mixed with vegetables) ₩7,000

Memil Jeonbyeong

(Buckwheat crepe) ₩6,000

Memil Jeon

(Buckwheat pancake) ₩6,000

Memil Juice

(Juice made of buckwheat) ₩2,000

Memilssak Bibimbap

(Rice with vegetables and buckwheat Sprouts) ₩7,000


Mayor of Seoul, Park Won-Soon introducing Migayoen

Taxi Broadcast - Interview of Migayeon’s owner

  • "While I was looking for a place to eat, I found black buckwheat noodle and was interested. Black buckwheat noodle was very tasty and great. It was most memorable noodle until now. The name of this noodle is Idaepal 100% Memil Guksu. The saying of Migayeon's owner that "If you eat Idaepal Guksu more than twice you enjoy health and longevity" remains in my memory."

    by NAVER Blogger

  • "The food is delicious and people are friendly~ Memil Muk Muchim and Memil Jeon tasted especially good. Our children ate well ^^ It was very different from buckwheat food that we had in Seoul."

    by NAVER Blogger

  • "I went to Bongpyeong because it is famous for buckwheat noodle. And as I expected, there were a lot of buckwheat noodle restaurant. But among those restaurants, number one Migayeon has many unique menu such as Yukhoe Memil Guksu~ It tastes fantastic! Sauce is wonderful and mixing 100% Memil Guksu with sweet & sour red hot pepper paste makes my mouth watering and I can't wait to eat it again!"

    by DAUM Blogger

Business Hours

Open AM 10:00

Close PM 8:00

For reservations of Guksu : Until PM 7:00


108, Gipung-ro, Bongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, Korea

For reservation : 033-335-8805